JLN Agric Implementation Services

JLN is the gateway to modern farming, technology, implementation and equipment.

Our Services


  • Manufacturer’s representative
  • All types of farm machinery and equipment sells
  • Distributorship/ dealership
  • After sales/services
  • Training/mentor protege
  • Real estate
  • Land, property acquisition and sells
  • Legal documentation
  • Land titling and land mapping
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Surveying and rendering
  • Property and land valuation
  • CSA climate -smart agriculture
  • Digital/precision agriculture
  • Aquaculture- fish farming
  • Organic/ regenerative agriculture
  • Forestry- Afforestation- tree planting, green house emission reduction, carbon sequestration and carbon credit
  • Animal husbandry- piggery, poultry, snailry
  • Green and climate change advocacy
  • Smart green house agriculture
  • Consultancy services
  • Training/ capacity building – JLN farmers academy
  • Empowerments -youth and women- skills development, links to credit/ insurance facilities
  • Pre- post-harvest management/ storage  facility
  • Backward and forward integration
  • Export substitution
  • Crowd funding
  • Leasing of farm equipment and machineries
  • Value addition – production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products
  • Teaming/ strategic partnership with ancillary organization’s- governmental and non- governmental organization’s
  • Logistics support services- cargo, haulage, fright e.t.c.
  • Import and export of agricultural products
  • Waste management/ recycling
  • Sell of agricultural inputs- Sells of improved seedlings, fertilizers, drugs, feeds, chemicals e.t.c.
  • Scientific research and development laboratory

Staple food farming

Vegetable farming


Pig farm

Snary farm

Mushroom farm

Green house

Agricultural lab services


Strategic partnerships

Sales of improved seedlings

Sales of Farm Tractor Attachments

Employment opportunities

Poultry farm